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Products Shiny DIY Set
Shiny DIY Set
Shiny DIY Set

SHINY DIY Set, quality instant stamps that help to create your own texts whenever you need it. Available in Printers for office use, and Handy Stamp type for mobility.

Various Handle Sets

SHINY DIY Set features text-changeable platen(s) with a self inking stamp which customer can choose from a Selection of Shiny Printer Line and Handy Stamp for different uses.

Various Sizes and Languages

Rubber type plates are available in various sizes and languages for different needs and markets.

Simple and Convenient

DIY Set allows users to own a stamp they require whenever they need it.

Extra Removable Platens

Extra removable platens are also available for customers to keep and change the frequent use texts on selected models S-883 and S-884
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