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Products Self Inking Rubber Stamp Round Self Inking Rubber Stamp COLOP ROUND SELF INKING STAMP
Colop Round Self Inking Rubber Stamp is made in Austria, is has lots of sizes like diameter 12mm towards diameter 50mm.Beside than Colop Round stamp also have dater stamp with diameter 24mm to diameter 40mm. For the corporate world, self inking stamp with date and tiime is popular. Colop offer two type of dater with time, 12 hours and 24 hours, Colop R40DT12 and Colop R40DT24.

Colop round stamp can be done in lots of way to represent company or personal impression. Custom company stamp, logo stamp, wedding stamp, festival stamp, corporate stamp are the most popular.

Received stamp with time mostly for font desk department or other departments which need to record time and date for legal purpose.
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