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Products Self Inking Rubber Stamp Vintage Style for Women
Vintage Style for Women

New Printer ??Special Edition??By COLOP in Vintage style ??by women for women

Many industries offer products that have been designed especially for females, and now we are joining them with our new Printer ??Special Edition?? It is mostly women who use stamps. And it is often women who make purchasing regarding office supplies. The new ??pecial Edition??version of COLOP?? best-selling Printer Standard is something truly exceptional ??it is the first product to be made by women, for women. A group of women at COLOP put their heads together to devise a contemporary product that would appeal specifically to women.

The resulting design was inspired by romance and nostalgia, lending it a very vintage feel. The new ??pecial Edition??from COLOP is not flamboyant, yet has an air of refinement and a kind of sensuality about it which, together with its outstanding finesse, sets it apart from other products.

The stamps are available in a variety of pastel colours, ranging from ??sh rose??to ??usk blue??and ??reamy brown?? These are, of course, colours that are trendy in 2013 and taken from the fashion industry itself. Each of the three new models features an image card which coordinates with the handle color, and a white casing with a special imprint. Different colours, patterns and backgrounds are brought together with fantastic delicate designs. The harmonious pastel colours and sense of timeless charm make COLOP?? new stamp line really stand out. The 2013 Printer ??Special Edition ??is designed to have a more feminine appeal and adds an element of fun and pleasure to your day at the office.

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