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1. How long does it take for delivery ? delivers most of the order within 2-5 business days, sometime it may required more days due to out of stock from the Main Suppiler.Our customer services will inform the reason for delay, will find a solution to replace similar products or refunds.

2. Out of stock

Customer services will contact you, when the stock will be ready or replace with similar items.

3My order haven't arrived yet, what can i do ?

After sending out your parcels, we will email the tracking number. If you not receiving your parcel after 2 days, please contact the courier company.

4. How to re-confirm your art work ?

Customer services will e-mail the art work for your viewing, chang2click can't quarantee duplicate 100% from your sample E-mail, fax or upload image. If there is not reply within 12 hours, we will consider you agree the art work we E-mail to you.

5.What is the postage & handling charges on orders ?

A Shipping/Couriers fee may be applied depending your order.


1. Yours order may contain certain logo from government department. e.g. Immigration department, Ministry of Finance, Polis Diraja Malaysia, Kastam Department and other government department that management may reject your order.

2.Foreign nation department like immigration department, health department and other department which management may reject your order.

3.If management found out there has some suspicious elements, then management will reject yours order without giving reasons.

4.After you place order, management team will E-mail the artwork for your viewing, if there is not response from you within 12 hours, we will consider you agree/approve the artworks. If there is any dispute, management will NOT refund yours order.

5.For complicated or special design, we will refund if we are not able to process yours order accordingly.

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